Useful Links

Amitabha Buddhist Society of USA

A non-profit organization founded in 1989, the Amitabha Buddhist Society of U.S.A. devotes its full effort to introducing the principles of Pure Land Study and the teachings of Amitabha (concentrating primarily on The Infinite Life Sutra) to all people.  They carry learning resources of multi-language materials, including Books, DVDs, and CDs available to everyone for free.

Amitabha Gallery

This library offers a great selection of ebooks, papers, articles on Pure Land Buddhism.  It also contains Buddhist tales and story books for children as well.

Pure Land Organizations Worldwide

You can find a list here of the Pure Land organizations, learning centers, and retreat locations worldwide.  Contact a center nearest to you to learn more about Pure Land principles, teachings, and methods of practice.

Namo Amituofo!

“Amitabha Buddha” is Sanskrit. Amitabha means “infinite,” Buddha means “awakening.”

This name therefore implies infinite enlightenment.  “Infinite” describes that which is innate in the true nature: infinite wisdom, infinite virtues and abilities, and infinite auspicious marks. These three categories of “infiniteness” cover all the infinities in the whole universe. “Amitabha Buddha” is a name of the true nature.

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