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This site content is re-posted from the text "Going Home to the Pure Land":

  • the "Practice" Section is re-posted from pages 3-8

  • the "Sutra Text" Section is re-posted from pages 9-29

  • the "Chanting" section is re-posted from pages 61-62


The text "Going Home to the Pure Land" was contributed to the Community Texts collection at The Internet Archive for free public access, therefore, this site content is strictly intended for non-profit use only.  

For copyright details, please refer to the copyright section of "Going Home to the Pure Land". 
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For the "Pure Land" section of this site, the passages are excerpts from the Collection of Master Han-Shan's Dream Roamings

You may obtain a copy of the ebook by clicking the link below and download it for free.

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Please feel free to link to any part of this site.  Do not use the material from this site and copyright it yourself.  Unauthorized registration of a copyright will be regarded as a violation of the law.

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