Sixty excerpts, selected from the Infinite Life Sutra
Focused on the root causes to today's problems in our world! 

The Infinite Life Sutra is one of the most important teachings of Pure Land Buddhism.

The sixty excerpts, introduced as the essence, were identified and highlighted from the Infinite Life Sutra based on today's problems in our society.  These excerpts focus on morality and the principles and truths of causality, in an effort to explain the root causes to today's problems and seek to end sufferings in our society. 

Read the excerpts!  
Get inspired, learn, and practice them; and bring in all of us together!

In August 1993, Venerable Master Chin Kung gave an eight-hour lecture series titled "Essence of the Infinite Life Sutra" at Ta Kioh Buddhist Temple in San Francisco, USA.  The lecture series consist of sixty excerpts that were identified and selected by him from the sutra.  Now the excerpts were compiled and translated from his lecture notes which becomes the text "Essence of the Infinite Life Sutra". 

See the foreword by Master Chin Kung that introduced the Essence of the Infinite Life Sutra.

Our teacher, Venerable Master Chin Kung, is an eminent monk in the Pure Land School of the Mayahana Buddhism.  Learn more about our teacher. 



Belief, sincere vow to be reborn in the Pure Land, and chanting of "Amituofo", are the ticket to board the vessel of enlightenment.



The ultimate goal of the Buddha is for all sentient beings to escape the cycle of birth and death and to become enlightened.



May every living being, drowning and adrift, soon return to the Land of Ultimate Bliss!
~The Vows of Samantabhadra~ 

May the merits and virtues
accrued from this work
adorn the Buddha's Pure Land,
repay the Four Kinds of Kindness above,
and relieve the sufferings of those
in the Three Paths below.

May all those who see and hear of this
bring forth the heart
of understanding and compassion,
and at the end of this life,
be born together
in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Restoring World Peace -- Water Knows
All Phenomena Arise from the Mind
Our Environment Changes According to our Mind


The Buddha teachings state, "All phenomena arise from our minds; our environment can be transformed by the mind.  Believe it or not, each of us human beings possess the power of mind to change our living environment, and collectively we can restore our world to harmony!

Watch the above video, "Restoring World Peace--Water Knows".  In this video, modern scientists have demonstrated very clearly how our state of mind affects the environment--the causality of our mind and the environment.

By conducting countless experiments on the water crystals, scientists discovered that water can read, water can smell, water can listen and watch, and feel.  Water can receive and reflect the messages of human thoughts through the shapes and contents of the water crystals.  Water knows!

See for yourself how water knows the human expression of love regardless of languages, understand the natural disasters happened on earth, and the tragedies humans suffered.  Water manifest the power of our mind.  If we change the state of our mind, the environment will change accordingly!

More... Read a summary of the video transcript.

This website content is re-posted from the texts "Going Home to the Pure Land" and "Essence of the Infinite Life Sutra".  Please refer to Site References.

For anyone who are interested, the complete sutra text of the Infinite Life Sutra (in Chinese language) is on the "Sutra in Chinese" page.


To learn more of Master Chin Kung and his teachings, please visit the Association of Master Ching Kung's Friends at UNESCO site and the Amitabha Buddhist Society of USA.

"當來之世經道滅盡。我以慈悲哀愍。特留此經止住百歲。其有眾生。值斯經者。隨意所願。皆可得度。" ~ 佛說 Buddha Speaks

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